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"Many thanks for your help tracing Tony’s mother and her ancestors. I am very amateur using the computer so I really appreciate your time and effort helping us."

Hi Cat,
Oh my goodness!!!  I am in shock but so happy that you have found my aunt Janet!!! I had given up hope of finding her.
I can't recall what the situation was when I spoke to you last with my mum,but she has sadly passed and it has left my dad devastated. This will hopefully help raise his spirits. 
Me and my sister will contact my aunt first,take it slow before we tell my dad as we don't want to cause him any unnecessary stress or worry. But hopefully this story will have a very happy ending for both of them.
I will of course keep you informed.  
Thank you so so much, xxx  



Dear Cat,

Many thanks for the CD, your note and information. What a great series! I'll let you know how it all works out but by then you'll probably have zoomed up to the upper reaches of broadcasting" ....Mrs S ....Isle of Man



Dear Cat

I am completely stunned at your efficiency.  Very many thanks.

Kind regards



Dear Cat,

I spoke to you some time ago about trying to find my birth Mother and at the time you suggested I applied for my original birth certificate before I went any further with my search. Well I applied for my certificate, and I was assigned a Social worker to go through everything with me and to cut a long story short I have found my birth Mother and have now been in contact with each other since May. It has been an emotional roller coster over the last few months, but things are settling down slowly. I felt I wanted to write to you to let you know as I feel like shouting it everywhere. I said I would be back in touch with you, but little did I know I would be getting back to you with such good news.




‘Dear Cat, 
Thank you for your kindness and warmth. You are my ‘Florence Nightingale’ and I know to many others as well. With people like you the world is definitely a better, warmer and kinder world. If I can ever be of any help to you just whistle.’ 

Haydn V, Cornwall.



I don’t really want to but I will do as you ask. I’m prepared, as best as I can be, for whatever you will tell me but I cannot deny that I have gone over and over in my mind what you have told me over the phone so far. I’m not out to hurt anyone, honestly. I just want to know who I am. I need to know if she thinks about me – ever?’ 

Gill R, Swansea.



Hi Cat, my name is Chris and I'm writing to thank you for helping my partner (Kelly B) find her father. At first she was a bit nervous and worried that he wouldn't accept her. Fortunately he did and back last week we had a bar-b-q with them and it went great. Suppose I'm going to have to get used to having in-laws now! 

Seriously though, thanks for everything, Chris


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