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Testimonies - Media

You are an absolute pet. It must be a joy to do a job you are really happy at - and - get paid for it.
I cannot thank you enough for all your help. Will let you know when I receive the envelope.

Best Regards.
Veronica xxxx



Truly compelling, interesting, moving and beautifully produced - That's how I'd explain Look Up Your Genes (Sun 21/8) from start to finish. It had me sitting in the car for 15min to the end of the programme, after arriving home.




Hi Cat, 

NOW I am getting excited!!! I am so glad the person presenting to Donny was you and we would LOVE it if you could do something similar for Merrill...... We definitely want you to do this. Thank you, Cat, you will make our weekend perfect! Kind


Susan W, Pontypridd


BBC Learning Lunch Seminar

"That was a most interesting talk, not least because of Cat herself.  She pitched it just right!"

"Many thanks for organising today's meeting, it was very valuable.  Cat was very clear and was very thorough in her presentation.  She's a natural speaker!"



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