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Cat with singer Donny Osmond

If you are hoping to be reunited with someone you have lost touch with then I might be able to help you. Please note that if you are adopted or searching for someone that is adopted then you should contact an Ofsted Registered Adoption Support Agency. If in the course of tracing, it becomes known that an adult involved has been adopted, that adult will need to speak with a registered adoption support agency to ensure that they receive the appropriate support and advice, and I will not be able to proceed with setting up contact.


If I can find the person within 15 minutes (yes, it is possible!) then there is no charge. If you would like me to complete some initial research to determine whether it is likely or otherwise that the person can be found it will cost £200. At that point I can either tell you how to go about the search yourself or we can negotiate either a daily/hourly rate or perhaps a rate for the completed task.                           

Please ensure you check your spam folder regularly or add enquiries – at - to your contacts

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