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Lynne Bowles talks with Cat Whiteaway about searching your family history as broadcast on BBC Radio Wales

Cat with Jeremy Vine

Cat with BBC Radio Wales' Eleri Sion

Cat Whiteaway with Eleri Sion on BBC Radio Wales - Cat Whiteaway
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Cat Whiteaway with Lynne Bowles - Unknown Artist
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Jeremy Vine/Sue Reed on BBC Radio 2 - Cat Whiteaway
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Robin's Founding story - BBC Radio 2 - Cat Whiteaway
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I work as a specialist freelance researcher,

associate producer and presenter for various TV

and radio family history based programmes for

the BBC. This work has included live radio

broadcasts, pieces to camera, working alongside

he producer, finding experts to contribute and

hunting out locations. 

Jeremy Vine/Jean Parker on BBC Radio 2 Part1 - Cat Whiteaway
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Jeremy Vine/Jean Parker on BBC Radio 2 Part2 - Cat Whiteaway
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Cat with actress Susan Sarandon & family

Until 2002 I was happily employed as a senior lecturer in Exercise Psychology and Health Issues at a university in Cardiff. In January of that year I was the subject of the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Footprints’ which followed me during my investigations into the estate of someone who had died without leaving a will.

I found this process so fascinating that after 12 years of lecturing I decided to take a totally different career path and focus my research skills into creating programmes.

Cat with The One Show's Anita Rani

Since that decision I've been rewarded with a steady stream of work in radio and television, mostly using my specialist skills in tracing people. I’ve also discovered that I have a talent for digging out names, dates and places from deep within the dusty archives, but that this is my idea of heaven. 

Not only can I hunt out a story where others struggle, but that I have the ability to reveal these facts clearly and effectively on screen. I'm not fazed when working with celebrities and good at informing other contributors, keeping guests calm and adhering to the schedule


In 2008 I produced a series for BBC Radio 4 about tracing lost assets called The Fortune Hunters


Other Media Credits

Filming with Janet Street Porter

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