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Cat Whiteaway


Media: If you would like to learn more about my TV & Radio work or would like to contact me to enquire about my freelance rates as a specialist researcher then please click on the "Media" link above.

If you're aiming to be reunited with someone I can offer a personal and confidential service to make this procedure less arduous. Please use the contact option above to get in touch. ​Click here to read past blogs on the BBC Wales website

To help you decide if you could benefit from the services on offer, then I invite you to read some of the testimonies received from some of my previous clients. I also suggest that you 'google' me to see what other projects I've been involved with. If when reading through any of the details on my website you find any errors or omissions then please contact me.

Listen to the story of the 100 year old heirloom as featured on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show on 26th July 2017

The 100 year old heirloom - BBC Radio 2 - Jeremy Vine 26th July 2017
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My aim is to provide a professional and confidential service that enables people to trace anyone with whom they have lost touch.
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